In the shadow of Mount Tuoro

The Area

The Area

You can find the company in an area, Lapio, that lies within a particularly suggestive landscape. In the shadow of Mount Tuoro, on a hill around 500 mt high, Lapio is located in control of the medium and low valley of the Calore river. The clayey and volcanic territory make these landscapes uniques and rich of organic compost for olive trees and wine grape cultivations.

The temperatures variations and the dry and windy climate are very important factors for quality olive growing.

The area with its endless varieties of colors and scents is dominant in an urban context rich with historically important works of the nobility. In the village you can find the ruins of the convent of Santa Maria deli Angeli Dei Francescani Minor del XVI where the blessed Father Bonaventura from Potenza took residence. In renovation process is the baron palace of the Filangieri family, of which the first information are from the 1130, and in the inside you can admire frescoes from the 1500s.

The site is protected from the east by the Picentini mountain chain, of which the closest mountains are Mount Luceto of 1296 mt, Mount Cervarosa of 1079 mt and Mount Guardiola of 917 mt, and from the west by the Partenio mountain chain.

On some evenings you can smell the gulf currents, charged with marine emotions, coming from the south west betweenn the valleys of Calore river on the east and the Sabato river on the west, giving this land the characteristics that makes it famous.

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