Passion for olive oil since 1911

Frantoio Nutile


Since 1911 to this day, the company has implemented renewal and extraction policies, aimed to increase the production capacity for a reduction of waiting times between harvest and pressing, and above all to to obtain a quality and excellent product through the cold pressing. In the last years, the milling service for third parties has been accompanied by the production and marketing of extra virgin olive oil with a company brand.

The passion, the work ethic and the knowledge gained in the years over four generations, represent the real heritage left from our ancestors to the future generations, who need to persevere their effort. The company philosophy transforms into “oil product”, which mirrors its modus operandi and spreads its knowledge to the most demanding customer.

Currently the oil mill has an internal surface of around 500 m², in which olives are stored once received in the entrance, and an external surface of around 200 m².
The sale of the extra virgin olive oil produced is ensured in different ways to satisfy every customer’s demand, in particular, it happens in the heart of the company, in the outlet created in the middle of the characteristic historical centre, or directly home, using the courier delivery service in Italy and Europe.

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... extra virgin olive oil reduces bad cholesterol and facilitates the transport of vitamins

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