Award review and awards



A review of the awards of the extra virgin olive oil of the Frantoio Nutile. It allows to understand the constant commitment and attention the irpina company has set from 1911 to present at all phases of the olive production chain.

The activity of our oil mill has become worthy of attention by recognized organizations at national and international level; attesting with the titles and acknowledgments the quality and the goodness of extra-virgin olive oil.

  • Extra-virgin oil Lapiolio admitted to the International Exhibitionery 2015 in the International Harmony Competition
  • Label 'Monocultivar Ravece' wins the 1st place in the Mediterranean Packaging Award 2015
  • The Frantoio Nutile with the corporate website, is ranked 2nd in eBusiness and Commerce at eContentAwardItaly 2015
  • Extra virgin olive oil 'Monocultivar Ravece' receives the Two Red Leaves in Guide 2016 of Gambero Rosso
  • Extra virgin olive oil 'Monocultivar Ravece' receives the Five Stars in Guide 2016 Excellencies Bells
  • Extra virgin olive oil 'Lapiolio' receives a Gold Medal 2016 in the Domina Olive Oil Contest International Contest
  • Our 'Lapiolio' and 'Monocultivar Ravece' oils are reviewed in Slow Food Guide 2017
  • Extra virgin olive oil 'Lapiolio' is rewarded with Three Golden Drops and with high quality mention in the National Competition The Gold of Italy 2017
  • The extra virgin olive oil 'Monocultivar Ravece' gets the 4 drops in the 'Bibenda Guide 2018'
  • The extra virgin olive oil 'Monocultivar Ravece' gets the "Mention of Merit" and four drops of gold in the National Award 'The gold of Italy 2018'

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