Our History

Our History

From Irpinia’s green hills, more precisely in Lapio, where the unspoiled nature shows its beauty in its colors and scents, from a territory rich in history and agro-food excellence, surrounded by secular silver olive trees and encircled in vine trees, arises the history of the Nutile oil mill, which offers its clients the specialities of its land for over a hundred years.
A passion that has been passed down through four generations and that had its origins in 1911, when Pietrantonio Nutile started the oil activity in a local mill with a stone grinder, pushed by the slow and pressing step of a bovine.
With an iron will and great passion, in 1937 he bought his first manual hydraulic press, which helped the pressing of the milled paste that was done until then manually with the characteristic wooden press.
During those years, his son Angelo Nutile, who driven by innovation in oil extraction installed in 1956 the first electrical traction Pieralisi mill, a Moliduplex with two presses, joined him.

Our History

In the ‘70s he acquires a small local oil mill, and extends his current one with a new press. In 1979, Angelo’s son Antonio joins him, and he renovates the whole plant, still staying bound to the traditional press extraction. In 1996, Antonio transfers the activity outside the residential area, and he substitutes the old traditional facility with a Pieralisi continuous integral cycle one.

From 2009, the year when the nephew Paolo joins the company, the mill expanded with a new extraction plant, still retaining the original identity of artisanal oil mill together with modern extraction technologies, combining in this regard tradition and innovation.
The art of oil making and the passion in seeing the result of an intense work that starts in the fields and comes transformed on our tables, becomes not a jab, but a passion for the Nutile family, which combined with the experience passed down through generations, makes it one of Irpinia’s state-of-the-art agro-food excellence.

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